Mary Louise Lopez Art


    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mary Louise Lopez. She left a body of work which she would want sold to benefit cancer research. Every penny of sales will be so used. In order to get her wish started, all prices have been reduced by 20%.  

Welcome to this gallery of artwork by an Hispanic female artist from San Antonio Texas whose travels throughout Mexico, Central America, South America and the American Southwest capture the feel and images of indigenous communities. Her paintings  focus on people in their ethnic environment with emphasis on women and their roles in society.


"My work endeavors to reflect the strength, pride, and endurance of cultures close to my roots.  My work depicts indigenous people in their social and cultural contect.  Their strength, pride and quiet serenity are attributes that are very important in my representation of them."

"Strength is conveyed in the whole figure, and there is never a downtrodden or meek attitude. Strength comes from deep within. It is expressed in the tilt of the head, expression of the face, the look in the eyes."

"This all reflects a pride in who they are and how they view themselves. Because they possess this strength and pride in themselves and their culture, they achieve serenity and endurance. There is an inner peace which says quietly,"I am of value"."

Thus the message of my work:

"Here are a people with a sense of strength, pride and serenity in themselves and their heritage. They represent the best that is in all of us."

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